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Dream Life Set (Digital Planner Set)

Dream Life Set (Digital Planner Set)

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Bundled Together: When you combine the power of "The Soft Self-Care Planner" and "How To Manifest Your Dreams," you create a synergistic experience that addresses your holistic well-being and fuels your personal growth. This transformative bundle equips you with the tools to cultivate self-love, embrace your femininity, set meaningful goals, and manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

The Dream Life Set includes:

  • Tons of Self-Care Ideas
  • Tons of Manifestation Ideas
  • Manifestation Vision Board
  • Self-Care Vision Board
  • Self-Care Challenges
  • Self-Care Games
  • 4 Journals (Self-Care Journal, Gratitude Journal, Free-Write Journal, Manifestation Journal)
  • Self-Care Workbook
  • Manifestation Workbook
  • Self-Care Ebook
  • Manifestation Ebook
  • Law of Attraction Method
  • Beliefs and Mindset
  • Self-Care Personal Contract To Yourself
  • Manifestation Checks
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Self-Care Planners
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Manifestation Planners
  • 2023, 2024 Yearly Calendars
  • Self-Care Journal Prompts
  • Self-Care CheckIns
  • Manifestation CheckIns
  • Solfeggio Frequency 
  • 3-6-9 Method
  • Aesthetic Minimalistic Designs
  • Calming Neutral Tones Throughout 
  • Interactive Hyperlinks
  • Goodnotes Compatibility 

Directions: (After purchasing and downloading your new planner to your device.)

- Locate the Goodnotes app on your iPad and open it. The app icon resembles a blue pen and white paper.

-Import the digital planner: In Goodnotes, tap on the "+" icon or the "New" button to create a new notebook. Choose the option to import a document or file. Browse through the Files app or any other location where you saved your digital planner and select the planner file you want to import.

- Navigate through the planner: Once the planner is imported, you can see the different pages and sections. You can swipe left or right to move between pages, just like flipping through a physical planner.

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