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How To Manifest Your Dreams Digital Planner

How To Manifest Your Dreams Digital Planner

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Introducing "Manifest Your Dreams Fast: Unleash the power of manifestation" eBook, a transformative guide designed to help young women like you unleash their inner power and manifest their dreams with confidence plus speed.

Packed with practical wisdom and actionable steps, this empowering eBook is tailored specifically for young women who are ready to step into their greatness. Whether you aspire to build a successful career, nurture fulfilling relationships, or find your true purpose, this guide provides you with the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts needed to accelerate your dreams and create lasting change.

Inside "Manifest Your Dreams Fast," you'll discover:

  • Manifestation Journal
  • Law of Attraction Method
  • Manifestation Workbook
  • 3-6-9 Method
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Manifestation Checks
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners
  • Undated Planners
  • Vision Board
  • Manifestation Tips
  • Routine Planner


Directions: (After purchasing and downloading your new planner to your device.)

- Locate the Goodnotes app on your iPad and open it. The app icon resembles a blue pen and white paper.

-Import the digital planner: In Goodnotes, tap on the "+" icon or the "New" button to create a new notebook. Choose the option to import a document or file. Browse through the Files app or any other location where you saved your digital planner and select the planner file you want to import.

- Navigate through the planner: Once the planner is imported, you can see the different pages and sections. You can swipe left or right to move between pages, just like flipping through a physical planner.

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